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Welcome to We are a Christian game development organization on the Internet devoted to teaching you how to make family friendly video games. If you have ever wanted to make a game, but were not sure where to start, then you have come to the right place. We will teach you every part of the industry, from design, to programming, and even to marketing and distribution. We are a community of like minded people serving the risen lord wanting to help you succeed in your dreams of becoming a faithful game developer! If you would like to help the community grow, please send an email to and tell us a little about yourself. We will grant you access to our blogs, forums, and wiki, so you can help us add content and educational materials.

Please visit the sites below to see what our contributors are working on.

Rodeo Judge


  • is working hard to bring you the best in class community site for Christian game design. Check back with us in a few months as we build the infrastructure, tools, website, and more. We hope to go live very soon and will post updates here as new features are added and announcements are made.

  • The GitHub is live now. Visit the Files page to learn more about how to acess and update our source code files.

  • Our Wiki site is up now and contains information about specific game design software.

  • Wahoo! Our first game is witten and posted for download on our FTP site. Please visit the Games page to download Pong.

  • Our WordPress site is live now on the Fellowship page. Create Blogs, Tutorials, and other content.

  • The Forums are up and running now on our Fellowship page. Start a healthy discussion or ask questions of our growing community.

  • Stay tuned.... Doug